I2c and Weather hat

Got a Weather hat that works great. I’d like to expand the functionality with another sensor. From product page I’m copying


  • Want to add on more I2C sensors? No problem, there’s an solderless I2C header located on the back of the HAT that you can poke jumper / DuPont wires (or even a Breakout Garden slot) in to."

How am I supposed to do that?


One way to do it is to plug male jumpers into the hat. If you use male to female jumpers, you can plug your sensor into the other end.
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How you connect it to the other end, depends on the sensor and its contatcts.

Thank you, but I must be missing something as I can’t see any header on the back, just a chip with the pins labeled

I do believe that is a header. Look at it from the sides where the solder pads are.

True. Never saw a header like that before. Every day, school day. Thank you very much.

Yeah, it’s different that’s for sure. And out of place, as you see the QWICC connectors on just about everything else.

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