I2c Sensors and Node Red Dashboard

I’ve recently bought the Breakout Garden HAT and some sensors, e.g. the BMP280 and BME680, I’d like to use Node RED to create a dashboard that would display the outputs of the sensors. I cannot find a specific working node for these sensors but I was wondering if there’s a way to get a more generic I2C node to work…? I’ve tried using node-red-contrib-i2c but find it gobbledigook…

Also, I have an EnviroPhat and have tried configuring its Node but cannot make sense of it. There’s a very good Node for the Sense Hat but I don’t have one of those devices.

Any pointer would be gratefully received :-)

there is a specific node for the dht22 that i found .

I have also been able to find a bme280 but none for the ,bme680,bmp388 for node red

hope that helps . Please share back what you come up with I want to see new projects with those sensors

Another route you could take is upload your sensor data to an IO site like adafruit IO to make a dash display for your sensors

Hello, did anyone find a fix for this?
(The T3 Alliance YouTube vid makes it look oh so simple!)

I have a BME280 on a Pi, BME280 node in node-red, but debug error says…

"Sensor Init failed ->Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/dev/i2c-0'"

Confirmed, there is no file starting i2c* in /dev/

Also confirmed, BME280 device is working fine in a python job, happily sending readings to mySql db

thank you.

Is I2C enabled in raspi-config?

Yes, else it wouldn’t work in the python/mysql job.

Ah sorry, missed that bit!

I wonder if I2C can only serve one task.
As my BME280 is already busy feeding a database, is that why node-red cannot gain access to the 0x76 I2C channel.
No sharing?
Exclusive use only?