Inky Frame 7.3 set_backlight() method


I have been trying to use display.set_backlight(0.5) and I do not see any
difference in the intensity of the display. I have tried different values, from
0 to 1.0 and I do not see any increase in intensity. I have fresh batteries in the
battery box.

Is there anything else I need to do?

Thank you,

Do e-ink actually have a backlight?

I do believe they reflect light, not project light.

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I’m just looking at this product page, and there is no mention of a backlight. I wonder if it would defeat the purpose of e-ink anyway - it is meant to be run with very minimal power requirements.

I wonder if the library you’re using is generalised so it can set the backlight on displays that have it, but it is a no-op (instead of an error) where that feature is not available.

Doesn’t it, or can’t it display with no power? Once the image is set that is.
I do believe once the image is set, you can just unplug the battery.

To All,

Thanks for the feedback. I was led to believe that one could adjust a backlight because of the wording on It points you to:

Check out the PicoGraphics function reference for more info!

Once there you see the display.set_backlight() method. I guess it does not apply to Inky Frame?


@alphanumeric Exactly right - I haven’t used e-ink yet, but that is my impression of it. I plan to get an e-ink device at some point…

I assume this function would work for the LCD displays - there is quite a list of them in the supported devices list.

@halfer , no e-ink here either. Mostly surmising based on the product page and a bit of web searching.

@virtualeb , I do believe there are a few Pico Graphics options that work on certain display types, but not others.

For me, so far, its mostly LCD displays, and a few LED matrixes. I’m using Pico Graphics on all of them, well all the Pico based ones anyway.

@virtualeb , a lot of this stuff, even for those of us that think we know what we are doing, is a continuous learning experience. ;)