Inky What and ESP8266, possible?



My plan is to build a low powered battery operated display.
Just got an Inky What and am struggling to get it working with an ESP8266 module.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this started?


Hi ccz,

There’s a guide on instructables here that should help you get started, it needs translating from Spanish but is readable and usable once it has been:

Hope that helps, cheers.


Thanks Matt!
Tried a few safe connection methods without success.
Anyway, it looks like there are no libraries for the ESP that support transparent pics so it’s a no go for me. No time to develop on that front at the moment.
Got it working 10 days ago with a Pi W Zero and your python library. Thanks for that, it works perfectly and with transparency support.
Just power consumption is a little over budget but I will repurpose the display to another project where power usage is no issue.