Inkywhat display - explanation of sample code?

Hi all,

I’m not sure how to phrase what I’m after so please bare with me.

I’m looking through the source code for the inkywhat python library with an eye on trying to write a library in node js and one of the problems I’m quickly hitting is, “What is this code trying to do?”.

For example, there is reading and writing from EEPROM, but I’m not sure why it’s needed, performance? Best practice? And I haven’t even got to trying to understanding the various phases and what they do.

Does anyone have any recommendations for learning more about “how” the inkywhat display interacts with the library code?


Usually there is a function reference for all the Python commands used. I don’t see one for the inky though? That may be because it for the most part uses PIL. So your likely going to want to go here.