Schematic and datasheet for wHat

Hi pirates,

any chance that you post a schematic for the Inky wHat? I would also like to know the driver chip (or a link to a datasheet) of the display. Thanks.

There is a pinout available, but it claims the display is using 5V which is hard to believe. It is probably only connected to the expansion header?!

I do have the schematic now, but I am still missing the driver-chip / datasheet. And I am stuck porting this nice display to CircuitPython.

@hel do you think you can help here? Thanks!

I’ll ask! What colour do you need?

Thanks! I own the black&white variant.

Apparently we’ve used a couple of different manufacturers for the B/W Inky wHAT display over the years, but here’s the datasheet for the most recent one:

DKE_DEPG0420BNS830F0_V2.0 Z.pdf (1.2 MB)

Hope that helps!

Thanks, I will have a look. Not sure if my wHAT is “most recent”, I think I have it since 2020.