Inky Frame display with purple burns

I’ve been a happy owner of an Inky Frame 7.3 now for a month (in fact, a bit less than 1 month) and I just ordered a new Inky Frame 5.7 that arrived today.

When I put these two side by side, I notice that the Inky Frame 7.3 has some “purple burns” especially in the corners. I recall that in the beginning the IF7.3 had the same clear beige background as the new IF5.7 has. It could be signs of aging, but I have the IF7.3 for quite a short time overall, less than a month.

How do I get rid of or prevent the purple burn effect? Is there some kind of “screensaver” technique I could use to refresh the colors?

It’s mentioned on the page before buying.

  • Due to the size of this panel and the esoteric practices surrounding suspending coloured particles in goo, there is some expected variation in colour density towards the corners. This is most noticeable when displaying block colours - green and orange in particular become less saturated towards the corners of the panel. We’ve noticed that the corners can also sometimes have a pink tinge when displaying full white (especially when the screen is cold).

“especially when the screen is cold”

Does this mean I should try to keep it… warm?

I think so but that means higher temperature in the room. I’ve not noticed mine changing much with temperature either.

It’s hard to say but I thought it got less pink when updating to latest version

I think the temperature is indeed the main explanation for this issue. I took a look at the IF7.3 today when the weather was different, and it didn’t seem to have any purple burn at all!