Inky phat and what: Creating an image smaller than the screen

Hello everyone, I am fairly new to the inky phat and inky what. I was able to create an image and convert it to the proper palette and display it on the screen. I am trying to add text above an image on the screen so I need the image to take up only part of the screen. I have tried cropping the photo to be smaller (h_new=200) however this gives me the following error:
ValueError: cannot reshape array of size 80000 into shape (400,300).
Please help!

The inky boards must be given images the full size of the screen. If you don’t want a picture to take up the whole screen what you need to do is :

A) Create a blank image the full size of the board.
B) Use Image.resize to make your picture whatever size you want it to be.
C) Use Image.paste to paste the small picture onto the blank, full-sized image.
D) Apply your text to the full-sized image (see the “Displaying text on InkyPHAT” section of the official Getting Started guide for how to do that).


Thank you for the quick response, that is exactly what I want to do. I have had a chance to test this and it works perfectly! Thank you so much!