Inky Phat issue following Raspbian update


I wonder if you can help me.

Yesterday I did a Raspbian OS update and my Inky Phat, which has been working flawlessly for two months, now hangs the Pi and displays garbage (see attached). Any known issue with the latest firmware/updates? A bit concerned as I’ve just purchased more.

Any advice appreciated.

lately ,this happened to me with other hardware after a update, so I’m suggestion a if it ain’t broken don’t update software , ,and i just formatted and started over ,seen others with same issue on some facebook pi groups to… someone else might come in and suggest something else ,i just take the easy rout for me …Good luck

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Thanks @Caperjack1953 , the problem I have is that I have more Inky Phats about to arrive which will necessitate new Raspbian installs on new Pi Zeros - with the latest firmware/updates by default. Also, a bit nervous about leaving unpatched systems connected to the internet, even when behind a NAT.

Just regressed to Pi firmware 4.19.16 using

rpi-update 9f816f3392e1c1eae156b99bed94a8a314310999

and it’s working again. It was the update causing the issue.

Warning, Pirates!

Great you got it going again , good luck ,enjoy

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