Inky pHAT stopped working

My Inky pHAT shows the calendar with October 27 highlighted. Today I powered up the Pi Zero W, ran a “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade”, rebooted and then tried to refresh the calendar image.

The command takes a few seconds, and then ends with “Shutting down display, please wait…”. The display never changes.

Is the Inky pHAT broken, or is anything incompatible with a Raspbian update since October 27?

Maybe the robots did take over Pimoroni for real, given the silence on this matter…

But at least the robots are busy coding. Today’s apt-get update upgraded the inkyphat library, and I am happy to say that my inky phat resumed working!

It’s not incompatible as far as I’m aware. It might be worth updating to the latest version of the Inky pHAT library to see if it helps:

sudo pip install --upgrade inkyphat