Inky Phat - Name badge yes, Weather/Calendar NO

So I am on my second InkyPHAT display. This one now displays the name badge example! Yay! However, that’s all it will display.

I’m getting pretty efficient at installing a vanilla install of Raspbian then install InkyPHAT dependencies.

So straight out the box fresh install of everything the name badge works. Brilliant. But if I try any of the other examples, nothing. No errors, just nothing updates on the display.

I’ve even followed the guide of “build your own code” to try and get Hello World to display, but nothing.

Again, no errors, but nothing on the screen.

(Apart from the name badge which works, with custom text also)

Again, please help guys, I’m stuck, but at least this time I know this display is actually half working, unlike the last one.

If I remember right InkyPHAT has gone through a couple of revisions. Which installer are you using for the dependencies?