Inky phat yellow doesn't work, red is happy


I purchased two inky phat displays, one yellow, one red.
The red one works just fine, I can run the examples successfully.
The yellow one doesn’t update in any way.

I’ve been testing them both on a single Raspberry Pi Zero W running raspios buster.

Any suggestions of things to look at on the inky phat yellow?


Which examples is it you’re trying, and what happens when you do? Does the inky just not change from the inky logo design?

Did you install the older library (inky-phat) or the new one (inky)?

Hiya Matt,

Installed the new library (inky) from

curl | bash

I’ve been running

Code Red Yellow
examples/ success, couple of seconds per color no change, quick
examples/ success skipped, logo still on screen from factory
examples/ success no change
examples/phat/ success no change

The yellow just never changes from the inky logo design.
I’m using the same raspberry pi zero w device and software for both the red and yellow inky phats.