Inky what + bme280 = ?need spare GPIOs

I have a theoretical weather station display in mind using an inky what + bme280. there’s a handy set of pins broken out to the back of the inky what looks like a bme280 can be directly plugged into. My question is about the one labelled #4 on the back of the what. Is this GPIO4? if I (simply) plugged the BME280 directly into the back of the what it would coincide with a position on the BME280 labelled with a circle with a line through it, I’ve assumed this means ‘nothing needed here’.
What I want to do is have access to enough GPIOs to connect the BME280 and also run one neopixel (possibly more). Can I do that direct from the GPIOs made available on the back of the inky what, or do I have to get creative with something like a pico hat hacker?
thanks, Chris

I forgot, I also would like to pop a button shim into the mix too

That looks to be GPIO 4. If you plugged the BME280 directly into that Inky header it would be fine as the unused pin on the BME280 would line up with the one marked 4. All that would be connected is a pin that goes nowhere on the BME280.
Instead of a Pico maybe use a Proto Zero

or Perma Proto

Use a stacking header and the Proto can go in between your Pi and the Inky.
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Thanks, Ill give that a go. If I ‘stack’ (via breakouts) the button shim and ‘w-hat’ is there a list somewhere which GPIOs are used in that setup vs those left so I can add in some neopixels/BCM 280?

I didn’t see the Inky What but the inky pHat is there.

The BME280 uses i2c, 3.3v and ground.
i2c is a shared bus, you can attach multiple devices to it. As long as no two devices share the same i2c address they will all work Ok.