inkywHAT turns off pi when plugged in

I am a novice user.

I have my pi, installed with the pi os on an SD card and I have the yellow inkywHAT display. I have a standard display plugged in at present. I am trying to attach the display to the pi using the thick black cable that came with it.

  • When I attach the inky whilst the pi is turned on, the pi turns off.
  • With the inky plugged in and the pi off, the pi does not switch on.

I have done “pip3 install inky[rpi,fonts]”.

What am I doing wrong?

First off, I wouldn’t plug anything like a Hat or pHat onto the GPIO while the Pi is powered up. There is a good chance of damaging something.
What model Pi, and what are you using for a power supply? The current rating of the supply may be important.

Thanks, I am using a pi4.

I tried first by plugging it in whilst powered off, and then trying to turn it on, with that failing, I thought I should try it whilst it was powered on. That failed also.

I am using a 24W 2-port Anker usb charger with a power cable.

I do have a macbook power lead I could try?

I tried the macbook power cable, this worked.

Using a “battery charger” as a “power supply” is IMHO a bad idea. They usually have poor voltage regulation and don’t maintain the solid +5V the PI wants to work reliably.

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I will get a dedicated, proper supply today. Thanks!

Trust me, you won’t regret it. ;)
One less thing to worry about. =)

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