Install software for Fan SHIM

Hi I’m new to Raspberry pi and are trying to install the software for Fan SHIM.
I’m using PuTTY to ssh my pi and when I type:

git clone

I get:
-bash: git: command not found

Probably a stupid beginners error but please help me out on this one.


Try this instead, and then see if you get the folders required to install the service.
sudo pip install fanshim

There are ways to get basic functionality without the use of the Pimoroni software, if need be.
Are you running Raspbian on that Pi?

Thanks will try this tonight.

No that did not work.
sudo pip install fanshim
sudo: pip: command not found

And yes I’m running Raspbian on the pi.

Ops, with putty you need to drop the sudo part as your already logged in as root
its just pip install fanshim or pip3 install fanshim…

The pip3 install fanshim worked.
Thank you you are my hero.


pip installs for python 2 and pip3 installs for python 3, just so you know. I try to make everything work in python 3 if possible.

If your running Raspbian Buster lite, that may be why git didn’t work. you might have to install git first or something? I’m a Linux Noob. ;)

I’m running Rasbian lite with no desktop emviroment.
Guess I have to find a way to install git.

Its apt get git-core I think? Or maybe apt get git?

One thing I do even on my headless setups is install Buster with Desktop. Then when I’m all done setting everything up, I go into Raspberry Pi Configuration and set it to boot to command line to save on resources. I like having the option to use a GUI if need be. To get back to the GUI interface I just run raspi-config from the command line.

I used ```
sudo apt-get install git

Now everything works as intended.



I do believe the Pi foundation recently (with Buster) made the Lite Version even lighter by removing a few more things. Some tutorials just haven’t caught up to the changes which leaves you sometimes scratching your head as why things don’t work as advertised.
Anyway, good to hear you have it all sorted out now.