[Install successful !]

Hello, just a few feedback about my Picade 2020 10" assembly.
1/ I follow a video about the 8 inches and I was confused with the 10" because some acrylic parts are not used (TOP 2 part). The screws holes are in front of the screen and it’s normal. They won’t be fit. Don’t panic.
2/ Some nuts / bolts are very difficult to install (side of the cabinet, close to bottom front panel).
3/ I suggest to prepare first the pi before mounting it (because the hat won’t work without the drivers). So, my first step would be to do all the software settings (connect the Pi to a TV).
4/ On the joystick step, when you screw it, I’d suggest to add a small washer because the size of the nut is almost the same than the plate hole. So this washer would add more reliability.

The final render is amazing ! Thank you to Pimoroni.

Just one question : what is the purpose of the toric joins ?

Thank you,