Introduce yourself!


First off, welcome to the PImoroni Forums! It’s great to see this forum gaining momentum and I really hope to see a little community grow here, sharing projects and supporting each-other. It’s a forum cliché, but I think we should introduce ourselves ( you don’t have to ) and maybe fill in a little bit about our experience with the Pi!

To kick it off, I’m Phil known by my internal codename “Fake Gee”! I joined Pimoroni recently to be “the software guy” among other things. Before picking up a Pi I had very little experience with electronics ( aside from taking things apart to repair them and other basic tinkering ) but in the years since its launch I have found it to be a new passion. My background is in web programming, games/technology blogging and online marketing. I’m here to learn, to help and to encourage!

Your turn!

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I’m Tracey and I have always had a love (and hate!) of technology since the anticipation of my dad ordering the ZX Spectrum. :D More recently, I was a primary school teacher who did all the IT/computing stuff within the school and now I want to inspire going beyond the surface of computing with my own children. Having just got the Raspberry Pi back out of the box after two years of it gathering dust, I am inspired by the physical computing as demonstrated excellently at the Raspberry Jam event at York, to do something fun with it.

I am looking forward to seeing what we can come up with.


Hey I am James I am a Scotsman living in Berlin Germany.

I am also the organizer for the Raspberry Jam Berlin which has been running for 5 months now! (wow time flies!)

I have 2 Pi’s of my own. One is my media center and the other is my Toy pi I use for projects or mucking around. There is a 3rd pi in the house which belongs to my 6 year old daughter!

I love the Raspberry Pi and also Pimoroni so I am really excited to be a part of this forum!


Hi, I’m Greg and I’m a hobbyist programmer and electronics enthusiast from the Midlands. I guess that’s it really!

Primarily, I code in Python, but I also like to use C, Arduino, HTML/CSS and TI-BASIC every now and again.


hi im Rich,
RPi n00b 1st stab at programming ANYTHING. recieved a B+ for my 30th. still thinking of what i can constructively use it for :)


Sup, I’m Charlotte,
Computer Science student from Sheffield, studying at the University of Hull (City of culture 2k17 represent). Picked up the pi because my lecturer mentioned it on release day and it looked like a good way to fiddle around with linux, which for some reason my course doesn’t cover…

I have 2 pis and one with a still broken SD card holder, 1 of which usually spends it’s time reading NFC cards, the other doesn’t currently have a purpose.
I blog a fair amount about anything and everything, write for element14 when it fits in my timetable and spend far too much time taking pictures of abused teddybears on trains.


Me too! I quite fancy buying a compatible SD card slot and practising some SMD soldering.


My dearest father tried to fix it by making my pibow permanently stuck around it and then padding the bottom layer with extra plastic.
Didn’t work unfortunately so yay for paperweights.
When I graduate maybe I’ll have time to repair it or get whichever-city-I-end-up-in’s hackspace on the case.


Me and my Dad tried making a shim with an old credit card, alas it didn’t work.


Hi I’m Jill and I run Fire Tech Camp. We run tech camps for kids and are introducing teacher training, and are expanding all around the country (always looking for tutors, lead teams, and students!).

I’m a big fan of Pimoroni, Sortimo boxes, Arduino, rapid prototyping, and am getting more involved with the actual Raspberry Pi at the moment - on the back of the B+ since it should do away with some of the peripherals and cabling required by earlier versions! Sonic Pi is my current favourite thing to mess around with on there. I’ve got a bunch of projects in books on the shelf - need some time off to crack through a few!



I’m Aust and I 've joined to find out more about the awesome Display-o-tron 3000 :)



I’m heeed and its been 12 days since my last…oops wrong forum :)

Organiser of the world* famous Huddersfield Raspberry Jam and general tinkerer

*world = local area ;)


Hi all!

Seeing that I made a post I’d better be polite and introduce myself.

I’m Alex and I’m a Dutch ex-pat who’s been living in Blighty for the last 11 years (Yoinks! Has it been that long!?)

I’m a developer/systems engineer/buildmaster by profession and a tinkerer by nature. My eyes have gotten a bit worse the last few months, so I’m more inclined to use ready-to-use components and breadboards these days, hence my affinity for the Raspbery Pi and now the Unicorn HAT.

Cheers all!




I’m Brian Corteil, Maker, RGB LED lover and hacker of PiBox cases. member of Cambridge Makerspace. my current project at the time of writing this is PyroBot.


I’m Andy. I have a Pi B looking for a job and I found this project: which looked interesting because I do things with Sheffield Astronomical Society.

So I got myself a NoIR camera, and a PiBow to put it in, and I’m on the hunt for a suitable case for the camera. The stock lens on the camera is not that great, so I’ve ordered an M12 adapter which has 21mm hole spacing so it’ll bolt straight onto the camera board then I can use CCTV lenses to get wider angle. Decent cases for the camera seem to be a bit thin on the ground though so any suggestions would be appreciated!

Also, where can I get some metal screws for the PiBow? I don’t like the nylon ones!


New guy alert! Not just new to here (that’s obvious), but new to this dark and mysterious world of coding stuff, plugging in stuff, lighting up stuff, soldering stuff and downloading stuff… I’m in my 40s and spend a lot of time out doors taking photos and riding mountain bikes. Part of my motivation and interest in this weird world of tinkering with stuff is to support my son’s interest in gadgets and to help him on his journey through school. Also what’s not to like about making tiny computers and pieces of electronics do cool stuff?!

Anyway, watch out for my stupid questions as I take my baby steps into finding out just how I make all of this stuff work.



We all have to start somewhere, good sir! Welcome aboard!


I’m Kevin. I am an electronic engineer and former technician. I have been writing embedded software for various micros for 25 years, but have only recently become involved with the Pi. I bought one at Maplins, plugged it in and it just worked. Recently bought the Pibow Coupé from Pimoroni for my sone. Plugged it in and it doesn’t work! This is what I want to diagnose. I simply get two lights and a blank screen. Not sure what is supposed to be on the 8GB SD micro, but my PC sees nothing. Could be that this is the issue, or it could be that my PC is too old to read SDHC cards. (Shouldn’t be I think).

Any thoughts?


could be a range of things - what have you got plugged in? is the power supply and everything the same as the one you used for your own?