Raspberry Jam Berlin - October!

Next Jam will be on October 11th In Berlin, Germany!

Its my great pleasure to announce a change to the regular jam meetings… Normally I have tried to keep it to demoing new things like the camera board etc. But this time I want to go back to school… Sorta…

We will be looking at getting started with the pi - minecraft - scratch - sonicpi (although that might be a pref look as I am crap with music) and also some hardware.

What’s going to be the main difference is that I want you guys to bring your pi’s and everything else you need, set up shop and follow along with the presentations. I would recommend you bring a laptop to connect with your Pi but if you can’t we do have a limited supply of monitors, keyboards and mice. If you can it would be helpful to bring your own. Otherwise don’t worry maybe you can pair up with someone else?

As always you can get the tickets with the link below