AV/DJ set with plasma 2040, raspberry pi, other parts

You might be sick of me going on about the Plasma 2040 now, but just wanted to share my latest video.

I use a plasma 2040, IO expander, some arcade buttons, one raspberry pi and one pico, etc. all from Pimoroni. And I got lots of advice from this forum, and some help from customer service as well. I’ve been working on this project for around 3 years now (the animations behind me are also mine- i created an app that runs on the raspberry pi), so I’m very happy that the end result works so well.

I’d really love to get as many opportunities as possible to demonstrate these tools. Please let me know if you can think of any events, workshops, festivals, etc., or any other place where this project might fit in.


I’m not, =) It’s nice to see what others have done. I have a couple of plasma sticks here. And if a Plasma 2040 Pico W onboard happens, count me in for lots of tinkering.
I also have a few “years in the making” projects on the go, lol.

Musically, a little chill for my usual tastes, but as a production/performance, I’m more than impressed. Execution is better than most clubs.

one possible venue you may not have explored is the convention circuit, both for dj opportunities, but also presentations/announcements. Not everyone can afford to hire a whole production company for such things, and there are LOTS of smaller industry specific conventions that could benefit from similar technical expertise.

another potential showcase avenue is school events, which tend to fall into 3 categories, celebrations/dances, tech education demos, and “social presentations” (the latter can tend towards some sketchy outside organizations that may not suit your personal ethics, so be aware up front)

I know, I know. I’d say “go harder” is probably the number one request I get when I am DJing. I think the house fans are dying out, and people either want hard techno or they want commercial (and here in Spain, reggaeton).

Thanks for your advice! I’ll have a look into branching out a little.

Nah don’t apologize, I was an old school rave kitten into goth/punk/industrial… my tastes may have broadened with age, but only because there’s weirder out there now than back then… actually my latest obsession was electroswing so not too far off your mark