Introduce yourself!



I am TankMan and very gratefully received a Raspberry Pi B+ for Christmas 2014.

A month later I equally gratefully received a project pack of components and am slowly learning linux, python and electronics.

I went to the Raspberry Pi Third Birthday Party and met Pimoroni’s gadgetoid and jon, who both very kindly helped power my fledgling tank project using the Explorer Pro HAT.

I bought one with a view to it powering motors, sensors and hopefully a camera on the tank project and all being controlled remotely.

I have a very distant background in Commodore BASIC, DOS and fixing bits with a soldering iron - so I guess that makes me an oldie newbie.

Any help is greatly and gratefully appreciated!



I’m Rhencullen (Aka Paul), Nottingham in the UK - very much new to the world of Pi, though I’ve been around computers since the early days of the Nascom.

First owned computer was a Commodore PET, been through the Commodores, Ataris, BBC Micros, Apple IIe, DEC VAX, various PCs from original IBM on, and currently a PC user at work through need (Visual Studio Web & Applications Developer), but a Mac user at home through choice.

Got into the RPi with the launch of the RPi2, feeling it was about time to look at the Pi and dabble with Unix a little more so ordered a Pi2 from Pimoroni with a PSU and a Pibow case.

After a day of dabbling with Rasbian, LibreOffice and the like decided to dabble with the hardware so ordered a PiGlow and then an ExplorerPro hat also the DisplayOTron and Unicorn Hats.

Now have a second Pi2, which I’ve just got running with the AirPi 1.4 (details posted elsewhere here).

Not really too sure what I’m going to do with the Pi eventually, though definitely looking towards the hardware experimentation side of things, maybe with a WeatherStation bias to start, and probably offloading data to a second Pi server for analysis (assuming I can stop staring at the sparkly goodness of the Unicorn Hat)!.

Any help appreciated, any questions just ask :-)



I’ve moved this post to a new topic, since it’s likely to just get lost here: Moving a stepper motor 20 degrees in about 15ms

Also. Hi Rick!


Just realised, (Duh!), that I asked a question before introducing myself.
I work as an integration engineer utilising my home workshop, constituting old mill and lathes.
Hoping to gain enough knowhow to convert to CNC control at a reasonable cost.
Here’s to gaining that knowledge through these forums.
At the moment however a more pressing project, in which I asked a question with my first intro!



Hi Y’all!

I am an educator, futurist, parent, mountain biker, offroad biker, avid reader, music lover, movie buff, laughter lover, peace lover, computer enthusiast, UFie, former optimist, atheist, pastafarian, living in Rock Hill SC (Near Charlotte NC)…
My 11yo daughter and I recently decided to start building a robot, and that got us started on the Raspberry Pi.

Keep the good times of 'puting rolling!


my name is Mathias and I live close to Basel, Switzerland. Since about 3 years I play with Arduinos, Raspberry-Pi, pcDuino and chipKit boards. Recently my son and I developed our own board using a 32bit Microcontroller ( and if you are intersted in building your own board from the bottom up, here are the instrcutions:
Recently I stumbled into the skywrite 3D controller. It is a lovely peace of hardware and worked out of the box with my board.
Greetings to England,


Assalamualaikum. My name is Tahseen Kamal. I am from Canberra, Australia and I am very newbie for the pi :). I have bought the pi2 model B recently and now using NOOBS to run an 8X8 LED matrix :D.

Thanks. And hopefully I will be able to get help from this forum! And someday will be able to provide too!



I’m Ian.

Long time geek (started coding at age 10 on a ZX81). Managed to get one of the 2nd batches of original RasPi and have since collected one of each version (except the original “A”). I just love tinkering with stuff but I have a habit of starting too many projects at once (and then leaving half unfinished) ;-)

I’ve only recently started dabbling with the GPIO port and really need to start learning Python properly (rather than cut-n-paste coding) ;-) I’m actually an ex-COBOL programmer but now work as a software performance tester.


Im wyleu. I do a bit of django and a bit of music.

i’ve got devious plans for a displayotron3000 If I could but turn the display the other way up !



I’m spanish and i have two raspberry pi, one of them using openelec and the other to use in projects.
Now i’m thinking to build a picade and i will browse the forum looking for information.



At 85 I’ve finally retired as a journalist specialising in defence issues, and somewhat physically infirm am focussing on things other than restoring old cars - my '78 Porsche 924 is now finished - and I need to continue using my brain. The recent acquisition of a Raspberry PI 2 has been of huge interest and have used it to explore the sort of possibilities it presents to someone who has had experience with computers since the early 2-disk models (one system, the other for saving material) needed for writing articles. But I’ve had no call for or experience in programming the beasts - until now! While I can do simple commands (as directed) on my Ubuntu systems, I’m failing miserably with my Raspberry PI for which I have already acquired various low cost add-ons. But herein lies the problem. I received Pianohat the other day, found how easily it is mounted, and followed directions re installation along the lines of inputting $ "curl sSL ". The response was along the lines it failed inclusion in the software libraries that come with the NOOBS card.
Can someone help with clear instructions as to what steps I need to take to install a ‘working’ pianohat on my PI?
With best wishes to all you clever people



Hi I’m Rich. I live, play and work in Cornwall with 2 kids, a forgiving wife, dogs, cats, ducks and chickens. II am a youth worker who likes to think out of the box and challenge young people to a variety of different ideas.

I own several PiS all doing different stuff. I am hoping to build a Picade powered by a bike!


Hi I’m Billy

I live in South West London. I finished putting my Picade together on Saturday & have yet to put my Pi2 inside of it. I pray everything works well from scratch & if it doesn’t I will be asking here for some help. I thoroughly enjoyed building my Picade & I reckon this is just the start of many Pi projects for me.


Hi, I’m Iker from the Basque Country (Spain).

I just bought here once but I became an addict, some more cool stuff will arrive for Black Friday, probably.

I registered in the forums in order to ask some doubts, look at projects, and learn a lot because I’m a newbie maker with a lot of weird ideas, a lack of knowledge (which I’m trying to solve) and few time to practice :(

I am also thinking about investing a small amount of money on Pimoroni, so I need to talk a bit in the forums before getting my VIP badge hahahaha.



I am Quincy (as in Jones, a hero of mine)
I used to do a bit of Basic coding on my BBC model B and bought a PI B in 2013.
when the B+ came out I bought one only to discover that the scripts I.d written to drive Stepper motors didnt work on it so when the Pi 2 came out I bought that hoping that things would work. Unfortunately they didnr and even terms like ,- print “Quincy” dont work.
so after my intro can any one tell me where i can find dictionary of commands and there syntax so i can amend my scripts.
Thanks and this forum looks very interesting, I’m still trying to get Pianohat working!


Hey @quincy, great to see you here!

You’re welcome to post support topics related to those, but be sure to include as much details as possible such as OS and a sample script.


I am Greg
I did a degree in electronics back in 1978, working as an electronics engineer until 1990 when I unfortunatley went in to management.
I have recently retired and am looking to get back on to practical electronics to which end I have recently purchased a raspberry pi 2


Hio. First I notice you’re using the same board software boingboing does, which is nice.

second? Well I’m just this guy, y’know? I do the home-maker thing because no car and it helps family for me to watch on the wee ones (and not so wee ones that still need minding.)

Zero experience soldering (poor eyes mostly) but I have ideas. Lots of ideas. I may share a few if I can get them off the ground or if I need help finding a way to make them happen.


I’m Julian

I’ve been a software / firmware engineer for more than 30 years on everything from embedded systems to internet advertising.

I’ve worked on medical devices and the clever bits in mobile phones, all without the slightest formal grounding in electronics.

I have a Raspberry Pi 2, and two PiZeros, one that I won from the pirates here. I have a cardboard robot, into which the Zero will be going and a meArm 0.4 which I’ve just got working.


I’m Tony - I help to run Leicester Hackspace -
I am a retired electronic engineer and have been playing with computers since the days they had valves (tubes) ;-) Been collecting Raspberry Pi’s since they were first introduced, so I am always looking at great ways to use them - Pimoroni have some wonderful peripherals, and always put on a good show at the Makers Faires I go to - last saw them at Pi Wars where I helped judge the skittle competition. I am just about to post a little thing I did for christmas - over in one of the other forum titles - using a Unicorn Hat with some modified Pimoroni Python example software to drive a small fibre optic christmas tree where the existing cheap electronics had stopped working. The Pi can be controlled remotely with SSH to write new pattern software. Although I used a B+, it would obviously be better to use a PiZero for low cost - should be no problem.