Introduce yourself!


Hi All!

I’m Bill Stephenson, I live in the rural Ozark Mountains near Branson Missouri. I’ve been a web app programmer for about as long as web apps have been around, and was there helping to crash the Raspberry Pi servers the day they announced they were taking orders. I use my RPis daily now for developing web apps for others and tinkering on projects for myself.

One of my daughters got the Flotilla dock and a couple modules for me as a gift. I’d heard of it, but not looked into it much, so I was surprised to get one and I’m really excited to get started with it and learn and hopefully share what I do it along the way.


Hi all,

I’m a complete beginner, apart from some soldering projects a long time ago. I work with all materials in many hobby type projects.

I’ve got a lot of things I’m trying to build and failing! Most of the applications of the electronics I’m trying to build are for another hobby.

I’ve given up on trying to pay someone to help, I’ll just have to learn all I need to.

Hope some of you can be of some help.




'm Jim, old, retired, maker, builder. Love to tinker. Not bad with 3D tools and 3D printing. Built electronic things for 50 years or so - yes, we did have transistors then.

Wife bought me a Picade kit for Christamas.
I’m sure you know, “The kit is great”.

We built it up reasonable easily. Just enough puzzles to keep it interesting
eg are the 4 pairs of joystick connector isolated or can either of each pair be earthed. Soon checked with a meter (my wife is a mathematician and she likes things precise) What are the currents drawn by the three boards? What do the LCD dspay buttons really do? … and loads more, just to keep us going.

Installed RPi 2 and RetroPie v3.3. Found a few games. Had forgotten how much fun a “GameBoy Colour” is - yeah!.(can’t bring myself to misspell “colour” except in OpenScad".

My wife’s golf is improving because her decision making had to improve to play “PGA Eurpean Tour” (Playstation).

Kit great. Picade upgrade no problem. Now I have to find a MAME romset, add a light show and personalise the graphics (case and RetroPie)

Thanks for all the fun




My name is Scott Jordan ex Brummy now living in Swindon.

My history is as follows

Apprenticeship in Industrial Electronics. followed by TV service engineer ( from Valves to Semiconductors)
Then servicing Electronic Organs, Amplifiers, Guitars etc,
Next a Systems Engineer with International Computers (ICL) ( 1900 and 2700 series mainframes.)
Built my first computer The Transam Tuscan S100 (Z80 processor)
Owned the BBC Micro, started programming in Basic
Ran my own Computer business, selling IBM PC’s and Amstrad PC’s
Graduated to developing MSDOS applications, then Windows Apps.

Now retired and just enjoying building my own projects and developing Web Apps

Hope to teach my grandson and granddaughter about computers and electronics (5 & 2 respectively) so starting slow and easy and hoping the Flotilla will be a good start.


Howdo. I’m Andy.

I’m a programmer by trade, but am just getting into microprocessors and circuits as a bridge between my father (Gen I, aged 70, good with analogue circuits, knows all about volts, ohms, current, etc, builds mixing desks in his spare time, that kind of thing…) and my son (Gen III, aged 7, good with gadgets, interested in tech, if it didn’t happen on facebook, it didn’t happen.).

Its awkward ground, but we’re finding it fun. Dad’s instincts on our Wednesday night meet are to solve everything with hardware, using his arduino as if it were just a 5v power supply. His circuits work, but they have nameless armies of components marching across the table.

My instincts are to solve everything with logic, using my arduino as if it were any other computer attached to the serial monitor. My circuits eventually work, but I still only know parrot fashion where resistors are required (and indeed, what they do).

We are three weeks in now. Dad thinks breadboards are an amazing invention, but is yet to really grip the processing side of it all. Each Wednesday, we try to research and set a Saturday challenge for my boy, Teddy.

Teddy’s instincts are to ask me, then my father, and think about what’s likely to be the mid-point of hardware and software bias. His ambitions are lean and logical. As long as whatever task we set is Star Wars or lego related, its usually a goer.

His sister and I get called upon for model making and drawing duties, and its becoming a real family interest.

I’ve just ordered a pair of servos to bring some of the electronics into the ‘real’ world of things that move. Timed it just wrong with the Pi Zero release, and have been watching a ‘prepared for dispatch’ message since dad went home Wednesday night.

I may have to come up with something else for the weekend! :)


Hi, I’m Paul from TechShed, Grimsby, based at Unit 5 Granville Street. We meet from 2 to 4pm
each Thursday afternoon. We do all kinds of “Tech Stuff”, but mainly Arduino and Raspberry Pi. We have
three Bplus and one Pi2, then recently have acquired three Zeros. We now also have working, a Unicorn Hat and Sense Hat, with an ESP8266 board ready to start on. We are still looking for another project builder/instructor for our group. Funding is available for new projects too! We are in the process of 3d printing the parts to build the human-sized robot torso - the Inmoov. You can follow us on Facebook at Arduino Workshop.


Hi, I’m Robin
Retired Head of IT now with time to indulge in Rasberry Pi. My first computer was a Nascom II back in the 1970’s Also used early Apples, Commodore Pet, TRS80, BBC Micro (a lot). Main computer is now a mac on which I run Windows PC Ubuntu and MacOSX. Been using Raspberry Pi since the very begiining. Ordered my first at 20seconds past 6am on day 1. Now have quite a few of various vintages. Latest Pizero is cool. I’ve used them for many things, but spend most of my time with Sonic Pi which is a fabulous program. On hardware projects have one or two robot buggies, a Maplin robot arm Pizero controlled and lightshows, (including one which drives a Sense Hat). Saw Flotilla at BETT last year and ordered a treasure chest on the spot. HOORAY it arrived today and I am just getting stuck in…


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As someone who began computer programming in the Atari and Commodore era, I really like what the Pi is all about. As a kid, I remember learning some electronics and putting together a radio from Radio Shack, but ultimately I pursued a career doing software. I’ve been doing web development since the late 90s and currently work on iOS backends.

I’m also writing a book called Learn Go, a beginner guide to the Go programming language. Go sits somewhere between C and Python, being low-level, efficient, and minimalist like C while having many of the amenities of Python, including a batteries included standard library. Go also provides a fun and productive environment to work in thanks to good tooling.

As a hobby, I’ve been using Go to play with hardware, such as the Sphero via Gobot and of course the Pi. As I learn more, I’m hoping to inspire others to do the same, using this combination of Go and the Pi to learn more about hardware, computers, and programming.

P.S. I 💜the Coupé case.


Hi, here a Spaniard living in Germany.

I enjoy making things with arduino and now I would like to start combining it with the rpi3… Let’s see what happens.

See you here!


Hello. I’m Becky. I’ve only just discovered Pimoroni and I was interested to see that you’re not too far away from me. I work enthusing people into STEM subjects using space as a theme as the manager of this place: We also work in partnership with a FAB lab so I’m always meddling about with something. Here’s to happy days.


Hi, I’m Rabbit :) nice to meet you all!

I decided to pick up a Raspberry Pi 3 after stumbling across it’s announcement on the front page of Reddit - it really sparked my interest, and since I’m sitting around bored as hell at the moment (yay post-uni unemployment) I thought it might be a good way to develop some useful skills! I don’t really know too much about electronics or programming beyond the basics and what I’ve taught myself, but it’s something I’ve always found it interesting, and since I’ve been looking into apprenticeships around electrical/mechanical engineering and computing it can’t hurt to learn a little more!

Thanks for your time, and looking forward to seeing the rest of you Buccaneers on the High Seas <3


Hello all, hmmm what put…
I’m an old graduate of SHU (back in 1997, HND Electronics engineering with microprocessor applications). Since graduating I promptly forgot everything I learnt, it’s true what they say “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. I have sort of been on the edge of the electronics industry for the last 19 years, RAF for 4 years and in the oil and gas/ renewable industries for the last 15 years. I am an ROV Pilot Technician, I basically get paid to play around with subsea robots… Well I did until the industry collapsed (low oil price is not good for business!). I’ve had an arduino and a couple of rasp is for the last couple of years and to be honest, I’ve not touched either. I’ve forgotten pretty much all of my programming knowledge and can barely remember any of the electronics I learnt, but I manage to pootle along. I’m keen to relearn old skills, learn new ones and I’m happy to meet up with like minded individuals. I live in the South Yorkshire area and would appreciate if anyone knows of any meets. My current task is learning html, css, php, Python and c for a small robot project.

Give me a shout! :)

P.s, do Pimoroni have a walk in store, I’m 30 mins away, saves waiting on postage ;)


no, unfortunately we don’t have a walk-in store.

there is a Hackspace in Sheffield, who meets I believe either on Mondays or Saturdays. More details here:


To elaborate upon @RogueM’s answer, we don’t strictly have a “walk-in store” but if you’re free during the week, ask really nicely and we’re not all rushing around like headless chickens then you can come and visit ;)


Thanks Gadgetoid, I will remember that. Ive just received some bits for my next project (sorry you were out of stock so I had to order elsewhere), but when I need more items, I will most definitely give you a shout! I think I want a Pi zero, for no other reason that I want one. Im getting a bit over loaded with Pis at the moment, I have 3, a Pi B+, a Pi 2B and a Pi 3B!

My project is to build a robot with an Arduino and control it with a Raspi!


Hi all, I guess I should introduce myself.

I’m Daniel, I live in Birmingham, and am the wrong side of 35 years of age. I’ve been a developer, in one way or another, for pretty much my entire adult life, starting with PHP back in around 1999, and moving across to Ruby around two years ago.

I was inspired to start playing with the Pi back when issue 40 of MagPi was released - the idea of a tiny computer captured my imagination, and I’ve since been playing with a few ideas I’ve had.

My biggest disappointment about the Pi is the lack of support for Ruby, as most of the fun things you can do with it require either Python or C - not that I have anything against Python, I’m just not sure the benefit of learning it, when I already know Ruby (which seems to cover many of the same bases). So instead I’m going to learn C (which will be handy if I want to get into Arduino - which I do ;)).

Anyway, anyone else here from around the Midlands? I’d love to get in touch.


I am Ray, software engineer by day and sometime at night. Brought my self a Raspberry Pi starter kit so I’ll be able to keep up with my granddaughter when she starts bombarding me with questions.
Brought your STS-PI robot and now have that running around the floor. Next step is to get that camera working…



I’m Brian - been playing with electronics since I was 10 back in the early 1970s then a natural progression into microprocessors (well it seemed natural to me anyway).

Built my first computer aged 16 (a ZX80) soldered together after school using the end of my bed as a workbench - my Mum wasn’t happy about the holes I burned in my duvet cover when I accidentally dropped the soldering iron (oops).

I ended up (many years later) as a WIn NT sysadmin although these days I’m back to being a hobbyist. I’m here really because of IoT and ESP8266 modules as today I received a Pimoroni ESP IoT pHAT in the post. I’ve been playing with ESP8266 modules for about 5 months now and have a few projects in mind including weather station and home automation circuits I’m working on. The ESP pHAT seemed like a fun addition to the other 4 ESP modules I have and puts a different slant on things - I’m looking forward to connecting it up at the weekend.

If anyone in W. Yorkshire is attending Raspberry Jam (Leeds) on 8th June you might see me there.


Just joined,wee bit of coding experience on webpages more of a copy and paster but wanting to learn more.
Stumbled onto the pi by accident-now several later,the usual media centre etc,calendar,building retropi.
Just bought unicorn phat and will learn the code to go with it.

After that who knows,spelling swear words in binary on the unicorn so I don’t have to fill the swear jar…