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Hello All, I am Angelo, a professional Farrier from the USA. As a young teen I was into linux and building systems I could otherwise not afford (in the 90’s computers were much slower and very expensive). A year hasn’t gone by yet since I was gifted a raspberry Pi starter kit, my first Pi. Now I own many Pi’s, 1x PiB3, 2x PiB2, 2x PiB 26 pin, and roughly 8 pi zero’s. I also have many, many sensors, an arduberry, a chinese knockoff of an arduberry, a few arduinos, a pile of shields for them. I also have esp8266’s. Rf rec & trans… cameras. As far as hats and pHats I have a few of them also. Explorer, sense, scroll, esp iot phat, pi-lite, proto’s,… I just have acquired quite a bit. I like to tinker, no real permanent projects but more experiments. I do not know if I am a maker or a collector at this point. I have attempted to sell off some but its almost as hard as parting with my kids.


I save alot of money with the swear jar, very under-rated


Hi all,

Not quite sure what to say. Love gadgets, but after reading a few comments here I’m starting to see just how out of my depth I am. Got a Pi a few years ago, instantly frustrated and it’s sat running RaspBMC since.
I want my son to get the same buzz from a Pi that I got from a BBC model B back in the early 80’s.
In an ideal world I’d be one step ahead of him to guide him, but for that to happen somebody needs to guide me! My experience stops when the soldering iron cools down.

If school kids can have their programmes ran on the ISS then I can learn to scroll some text on a Scroll pHAT.



Hi I’m Graham "FutureTense"15 years embedded C using PICs with LCD displays on my own hardware. Looks like Pi can do it better and cheaper, so I’m making the transition.
I may need a lot of initial help…


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Hi im jack, known by my handle popeyesfx (or popeye_SFX).

I have been interested in computers for as long as i can remember, right back to the heady days of the sinclair zx81. I was a games programmer and mobile phone programmer before retiring. Love messing about with electronics and gadget. Would like to be more involved with the community and pass along some of the things I have learned over the years.


Hi there ,
My name is Kevin I have just joined and a complete novice !. I’m am shortly going to order a picade kit from Pimoroni to build for my kids.
I have seen lots of fabulous artwork on here , but only for the cp and marquee, does anyone do artwork for the side panels?.
Thanks in advance.


New member,just signed up.
Name is Mike and located in Sutton Surrey.
Just ordered a Pi Zero and await its delivery.
As my Username states am a Licenced Radio Ham, Weather Nut and sometimes called a grumpy old git by the grandchildren.
Total beginner so expect lots of questions.
Worked in the electronics industry for many years so that does not worry me.
Looking at a project with the envoi pHat when I am more familiar with stuff.


Hi, I’m Richard and I’m a Brit abroad, currently living just outside Berlin, Germany.

I’m a software engineer by profession, and my projects tend to be more softwarey than hardwarey. I have way more Raspberry Pi’s than I need, and am a regular at Raspberry Jam Berlin.



Hello from Barcelona!


Greetings Fellow Buccaneers.

Just joined Pimoroni while on the quest to build my own Raspberry Pi mini arcade cabinet.

Avast, mateys! May all your projects fare straight and true!


I am Arun i am working as a Digital marketer


Hi I’m Nick though I tend to go by Bugman or Bugman_140 online and twitter. I come from a joinery background but have always wanted to try playing with electronics (just scared off by it being to complicated), My wife bought me a 3D Printer then I built a small project using Adafruit parts, now I’m am dipping my toe into the world of Raspberry Pi as daunting as it may be.


Have you looked into RTB or “return to basic”. I actually love the old archaic basic , maybe its nostalgic over practical, but i find refreshing ease to it as well being it was the first language I learned as an adolescent in order to have my TRS-80 actually have programs. Outdated even then, when I bought it all programs had to be copied from a physical book into Basic code.


Hello all!

I’m Phil, when I’m working I’m a physicist and programmer by day and a tinkerer, gamer and dad by night.

I’ve been messing about with Raspberry Pis since they first came out and more recently Arduino/Genuino. Now I have a renewed interest in them since starting to teach my nephew about programming and electronics. Lately I’ve been a really regular customer of Pimoroni so I thought it might be nice to join the little community you have here :)

For my next project I’m looking into some sort of combined sleep tracker and environmental monitoring (ambient temp, sound, light etc). I have a bit of a personal research project looking at my own sleep and other aspects of my health, so this’ll feed into that. Looks like Pimoroni might be selling me another HAT soon… :P

Look forward to exchanging words about all this techie makery goodness in the future!


Hi I’m Kerry. I’m a retired electronic technician trying to keep my mind active. The raspberry Pi does this nicely for me. My projects and build pictures are here if anybody is interested,!AjOYwiwlwDtpgUMsp2qnevKpGEHb
@ taurisince1983 In the sense hat folder is my portable weather clock. It measures the ambient temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, UV index and visible light level. I display the values on the Sense Hat LED matrix in a scrolling message. Its a Pi A+ with sense hat and a Proto Board for sensor hookups etc. There is a DS3231 to keep accurate time, a BMP180 to measure temps (outside the case) and an SI1145 light sensor. I use the ambient light level to auto adjust the brightness of the LED matrix and do a few other things as well. There is a powerboost and LIPO battery to make it portable. I take it out on my deck in the summer and to the dog park to kepp an eye on things and make sure my best friend doesn’t get overheated etc.

At the moment I’m playing around with a pHat Beat, Pirate Radio minus the fancy case. And an Explorer pHat that will eventually becomes a rover project. Both are mounted to Zero W’s.

I have two 3B’s. One is in my Breadboard rig, the other is running KODI.
Two A+'s, both with Sense hats on them. One is my Weather clock, the other a simpler version without the extra sensors added.
Four Zero W’s, one with the pHat Beat, one with the Explorer pHat, and the other two waiting for projects.

I’ve been at it for years but I’m still a Linux NOOB. I get by though. No real Python training either but I like to think I’m above NOOB class, lol. Mostly learn by example. I’m not near as frustrated as I used to be now.


Hi all! Paul here and a DIY kind of guy which has always been fascinated with technology. Even though I’m not in a tech company, I always enjoy programming and learning new stuff. When the raspberry pi just came out, I had very little electronics experience and most of the projects I did was very simple linux stuff. Now that AVR are on the rise and these single board computers, it’s becoming more and more accessible for me to explore all these electronics. I’m now working on creating an interactive board for my son with an Arduino Uno and a Raspberry Pi. Now all I need now is time. :-)


My name is Maarten (aka Ramasen) a “self made man” who sometimes needs help in figuring out some problems/ideas.
My home country is the Netherlands, my main job is building the bells and whistles on new Scania trucks.
One of my interrests is how to imply the world of raspberry pi into my daily life,.
An idea that still needs kick off is to have a Rpi3 in my car storing/logging my stop points and when i arrive home it connects to my wifi and sends the data off via e-mail or to my dropbox so i can see where i have been, for how long and the distance i have driven.

My Main project atm is making a cadence/rpm display with a Rpi3-Blinkt!-Metawear ble sensor setup.
My “normal tread” is around 50-65 Rpm and the Blinkt! must display bright green then.

If you have Any idea’s, please let me know.


Hi I’m avvy60, and a bit of a newbie with raspberry Pi, and I have turned it into a weather station using the Sense Hat.


My Name is Nepomuck. I’m just new in all the stuff with my Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi Zero W. After some meander I found this place and great stuff from Pimoroni. So I directly got a Flotilla Mega Treasure Chest and tested all the stuff inside. But now I want more. More coding, more experimenting and way more electronics.
(Hopefully my English is read and understandable)