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Welcome aboard. The Sense Hat is a nice bit of kit, lots to learn with that, with all the sensors etc on board. I have two, and it was money well spent. I learned a lot of python playing with my sense hat.

Something else to get is a bread board breakout board. There are kits with it included that will tech you electronics etc.
And have a look around here,


Hi all, I’m Mark. I’ve been writing software since the early 1980’s. I’m retired and use my Raspberry PI hobby to keep me engaged/busy and to keep my mind sharp. I’ve deployed a PiVPN (VPN server), OctoPi (3D printer controller), Cups Server (a USB only printer is now network enabled), 4 SqueezeLite players (whole house audio renderers), a RasPlex player (video renderer) and a Kodi player (audio and video renderer at my Mom’s house). My wife, while supporting my hobby, thinks I’m a bit of a loon for being so excited about the stuff I do with these small computers. I usually remind her that I’ve ALWAYS BEEN a bit of a loon and just have a slightly different focus now.


Afternoon all!

I’m William, I always go by “neuro” online, I’m a sysadmin by day and a geek by night.

I’ve been trying to get into rPi shenanigans for a while, ever since I was working at Broadcom and missed out on a pre-release batch of Model Bs (dammit, Eben!). This might sound like a bit of a suck-up, but I’ve only ever bought Pi kit from Pimoroni. Part of the allure was always the PiBow cases; so nifty and colourful! First Pi was a Pi 2 Model B as part of the Starter Kit; I still have it here, with it’s USB WiFi dongle sticking out the side ;)

Some of the stuff I’ve been playing with recently:

  • WDLabs cases and drives - the PiDrive is genius, shame they’ve EOLed their whole line
  • ClusterHAT - having four Pi Zeroes in a wee cluster on top of a Pi 3 Model B+ is pretty cool
  • inkyphat + HyperPixel displays - literally just got these today; struggling a smidge with the inkyphat package requirements (I’ll get there!), but the HyperPixel works brilliantly

… and I’m the first person to complete the advanced user tutorial!


Hi all, my forum name is CherryMan which is a reference to my last name and nothing else so don’t get any ideas ;-).

I’ve been tinkering with Raspberry Pi devices for the last two years or so and I’ve learned a lot since. The more I understand, the more I catch the bug and that’s led to quite a collection of different Pi’s and §HATs. I’m quite the fiddler but finishing a project is a challenge for me most of the time. However, I know I wouldn’t have been where I am now without the help of others, so I want to contribute/help as much as I can.

During the day I’m an IT architect at a relatively small, yet globally operating private (or enterprise) wide area network provider. I join sales people as a consultant to help translate a (potential) customer’s requirements into services that we can deliver. I make the high level (to mid level) designs to be priced by sales and then I present the technical bits. If we get the contract, I work out all the lower level details together with the customer to build the service but I’m not actually configuring the hardware/software that we use for that.

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and I hope to contribute where I can so more people can enjoy building stuff yourself. Thanks for reading this far ;).


Imma Kat… Watch me knock over your books…


Hey guys, this is Saurabh here from CA, USA. I love what Picade did to our family time at home last year.
I got a chance today only to write about it. Have a look:


Hi. I’m Allen from New Jersey, USA (not old Jersey UK). I heard about RPi stuff years ago but didn’t do anything with it. In 2018, it’s my new hobby. I have been to Sheffield (the company I work for has a plant in Brinsworth), and have had a pint, and a curry there. I shop at the MicroCenter stores here, and they had a lot of Pimoroni gadgets, that’s how I learned about the Pimoroni products. Features are great, price is good. Lots to learn here. I love my envirophat, and automation phat, and zero lipo. Oh, and I’m an automation engineer, coming from the world of PLCs.


I am sorry I lost access to my account and now havve created a new one!


Hi, I’m Jim I live just up the big road, in Leeds. I started piing when they first came out. I’ve had a few years off now but have suddenly got interested again.


Hello, my name is Jack I live in Canada , and i bought my first Pi a couple of years ago ,now i have way to many [lol if that’s even possible ] and a number of hats and pHATS lcd screens and more,I have bought a lot of my stuff from Pimoroni because of the greatt help given with all devices ,the Pimoroni team is seconf to none !
My current build is a Pi Top, using and old Toshiba laptop and lcd driverboard and a Pi Zero W.