Inventor 2040 W battery question

Justwanted to ask a quick question.

I’m looking to get the Inventor board, seems to be a good blend between the two other motorised boards, to do some tinkering and testing.

I see that it has a battery connector and can auto-switch between it and USB but I juat wanted to ask if it has any charging capability when both are connected?


From what I can see on the schematic, no battery charger.
robot-board.sch (


Thanks for checking.

We didn’t include charging on Inventor because we wanted folks to be able to use alkaline batteries as well as LiPos, but you could plug in your battery via a LiPo Amigo Pro if you wanted to add LiPo charging?

Thanks @hel. I’ll see about getting one of them with it possibly.

Might want to also get one of these.
JST-PH 2-pin Jumper Cable - 100mm long - Pimoroni
Makes connecting to the battery connector easier. I have several Lipo Amigo Pro’s. Very satisfied with how they work. =)