Inventor 2040 W Speaker

The product description for the Inventor 2040 W is pretty light on info for compatible speakers.

I can see on the Schematics is has a PAM8301, looking at the specs I am guessing the board was intended to use the adafruit speaker here.

Will this speaker work, and/or are there other suggestions for compatible products?

that speaker will work, it’s apt to sound very tinny

general rule is match impedance ohms, and amp to speaker wattage is safe in the range of 1:2 to 2:1… so anything from ~0.5w to 3w @ 8ohms with a probable ideal of 2w.

as speaker wattage increase:

  • clarity increase (especially the low end)
  • loudness at x volume decreases

reverse for amp wattage

I’ve seen 2w speakers before, but you’d have to look around, I know adafruit carries some 0.5w, but the 1w speakers are the most common.