ReSpeaker Core v1.0 and output speakers

Hello, So I’ve been playing around with a Pi4 board, PiHat 2 speaker board and a wired speaker, I have also created python programs to speak to and get responses etc. However, it’s not what I want as the finished article, it’s rather bulky, that said, it has been a great learning curve nonetheless.

Basically I’m creating a smart speaker and have recently purchased
and this - respeaker usb_4_mic_array

I’m going to be using perhaps both of the above or at the very least the core v1.0 as it’s nice and slim etc. However, I am looking at, and struggling with is sourcing a speaker that I can connect up to either of these boards.

I can then look at a case for a full spec to go for and perhaps make my own.

  1. Adafruit STEMMA Speaker - Plug and Play Audio Amplifier - Pimoroni

  2. 5w-4-ohm-65mm-full-range-speaker

These are the two speakers I was looking at? Are they any good? I think number one looks easy enough to connect through crocodile clips but I would know where to begin.

Thanks in advance

I can only post 2 links because I’m a new users sorry.