Issue with running PiDi for st7789 using plain MPD


I am trying to configure PiDi to display the album art and track information from a plain MPD instance (not Mopidy) on screen of a PirateAudio hat attached to RPi Zero W. I know that PirateAudio is more suited to Mopidy, but I have had trouble getting it to work on a Raspberry Pi and I’m settling for a plain MPD instance in the interim. From what I understand, I should be able to get the display working similar to the Mopidy configuration by using pidi with the pidi-display-st7789 plugin from pidi-plugins. I went through the setup steps described in the documentation, and used some of the documentation for the PirateAudio Mopidy examples as well.

However, when I try to run PiDi, I get an error:
update_overlay() got an unexpected keyword argument 'shuffle'

I believe this is being caused by line 142 in in the pidi source.

I thought I might post here before diving into and modifying the source code myself, in the hopes that this is a known issue or that someone has some insight into how to fix this. I’d appreciate any help in this matter, and I hope that I just missed a step somewhere and that this is a simple fix.