Issues with pimoroni not creating serial ports

I’ve tried loading the firmware pimoroni-pico-v0.3.1-micropython-v1.17.uf2 onto the pico, but when I do so, I do not get any serial ports.

If I load (drag/drop to /Volumes/RPI-RPI2) the default raspberry pi pico firmware rp2-pico-20210902-v1.17.uf2, then I get the serial ports :
Then I can start Thonny and run code on it.

I’m using Thonny on a Mac.
Is there an issue with pimoroni-pico-v0.3.1-micropython-v1.17.uf2 and Mac’s?

Any suggestions?

cheers, Graeme

Seems to be an issue with the pimoroni–pico-v0.3.1-micropython-v1.17.uf2 f/w creating serial ports that are recognised by macOS.

I installed the pimoroni-pico-v0.3.1-micropython-v1.17.uf2 f/w from Windows and was able to load/run micropython picodisplay2 demo code communicating through COM3.

This is strange because the standard raspberry pi pico f/w works fine in generating recognisable serial ports for macOS and the pimoroni-pico-v0.31 f/w is meant to be based off the raspberry pi pico f/w.

Any suggestions?