Issues with pimoroni not creating serial ports

I’ve tried loading the firmware pimoroni-pico-v0.3.1-micropython-v1.17.uf2 onto the pico, but when I do so, I do not get any serial ports.

If I load (drag/drop to /Volumes/RPI-RPI2) the default raspberry pi pico firmware rp2-pico-20210902-v1.17.uf2, then I get the serial ports :
Then I can start Thonny and run code on it.

I’m using Thonny on a Mac.
Is there an issue with pimoroni-pico-v0.3.1-micropython-v1.17.uf2 and Mac’s?

Any suggestions?

cheers, Graeme

Seems to be an issue with the pimoroni–pico-v0.3.1-micropython-v1.17.uf2 f/w creating serial ports that are recognised by macOS.

I installed the pimoroni-pico-v0.3.1-micropython-v1.17.uf2 f/w from Windows and was able to load/run micropython picodisplay2 demo code communicating through COM3.

This is strange because the standard raspberry pi pico f/w works fine in generating recognisable serial ports for macOS and the pimoroni-pico-v0.31 f/w is meant to be based off the raspberry pi pico f/w.

Any suggestions?

I’ve had no luck with pimoroni–pico-v0.3.1-micropython-v1.17.uf2
So, I’m thinking of going down the Arduino path as they support the Raspberry Pico RP2040.
Are there any plans to provide an Arduino pimoroni display library for the picodisplay2?
The Adafruit_ST7789 driver code is available but it presumably has different I/O settings?