I've come unstuck!

or rather my Raspberry Pi Official Touchscreen has… the glass front started to slide a little so that the edge of the metal frame from the display now shows through at the bottom and the touch points are slightly off.

does anyone have any ideas what I could safely use to re-glue it?


That’s odd, when did you buy your touchscreen?

I know people have successfully glued them back together, but I’m not sure what they used. I tend to avoid glue, since I seem completely incapable of keeping it off my fingers.

it’s about 18 months old now, almost at the “terrible two’s” stage :-)

I think I might try a little clear silicone sealant and see if that does the trick.

Be careful with the sealant, I tried a similar trick on a mobile phone screen repair and found it caused a reaction with the physical screen under the glass. Possibly get the screen back to a correct position then something like Araldite just run round the outer edge just to stop it moving again, but let it set solid before doing anything else with it
Do NOT use superglue as .this could cause fogging to the screen

Thanks for that, good to have that knowledge!

I was thinking about something around the outer edge, but didn’t want to cause any issues with the display stand. A thin layer of Araldite smoothed off should do the trick very nicely.

Regardless of what you use, Use it sparingly and in good ventilation.