New Official Touchscreen Upside Down with Pimoroni Case? [SOLVED]

Hi Pimoroni,

I ordered the new official touchscreen from yourselves along with the really excellent case you designed for it. Unfortunately though it seems you can only fit the support legs one way, and that way results in the display being upside down. Am I doing something wrong? I’ve tried to fit the legs the other way round but it seems they only work one way.

Failing that, is there a way to rotate the display straight away while the console loads? I’ve googled but can’t find the answer.


This should help you out!

ahh nice one, thanks!

Trouble is, I can see why Raspbian was updated to flip the screen because you do indeed get a better viewing angle the other way around.

Pimoroni, can I buy an updated leg/mount that works with the default orientation please? I have a power cable that won’t get in the way, and if I need to use HDMI I’ll just buy a 90-degree adapter.


I’ve got the same issue here (just the power cable).

It’s a bit frustrating really as it seems a shame to have to compromise on the viewing angle. It also strikes me that the power cable banging on the ground is always going to be a problem with the new rotation.

I’m totally happy that none of this is Pimoroni’s fault but I am curious as to whether there’s going to be a new stand that caters for the “correct” rotation of the screen.

We’re working on it! It’s not easy to stand the screen that way up and have the mount not be ugly and ungainly; we don’t do ugly :D

Aside from the power supply there’s also the analog audio and HDMI coming out of that side of the Pi, and a ribbon cable can be wrapped underneath to attach to a Black HAT Hack3r. For desktop use upside-down is better in a lot of ways so it looks like we’ll have to support both orientations.

Bear with us!

The other issue I’ve got with the stand is that tightening the screws at the back means the front of the screen is pushed away from actual screen to the extent that the glue pulls away and the glass cover begins to slip down. I can attach a photo later to help explain if that would help.

There’s a thread about the sliding cover on the main raspberry pi forum:

The screws should be trimmed so they’re not too long to push the LCD away from the backing. It could be possible that some of them are slightly too long. It’s something we’ll have to investigate.

I’m not sure they’re pushing the screen. I think it’s the case that the black screen cover rests against the layers of your case. When you attach the screws to the silver part of the screen, that pulls the screen backwards, but the cover is held in place by the case and so the cover is being pulled away.

I’ve not checked this in any detail so it’s more of a non-technical hunch more than anything else!

Can I use super glue to attach the screen back again? With the cover sliding off it basically makes the stand unusable.

A couple of photos to illustrate the issue.

First one shows the front slipping down which means there’s no tension to hold the frame layers together so they also slip.

Second shows that the front of the screen has become detached.

I understand what you mean now. I’d thought it was the screws originally since I got a little carried away with a long screw and it started to separate the screen assembly.

We’ve identified what the problem is and are looking into a solution to prevent this happening. It will probably be in the form of some thin (1mm) rubber feet to ensure that the layers can’t be pushed up against the front so forcefully.

For now try removing your screen completely from the frame and seeing if you can get the front to re-attach in a satisfactory position. The glue might still be malleable enough to repair it. If all else fails, drop us a support email!

I’ll go for the last suggestion because I’d already tried removing the screen before but the exact same thing happened again.

Nice to have a quick config fix to rotate the screen, but if you use the top of a Pi case, the raised position prevents tension on cables like the 5V power cable.


I’ve emailed the support address a few days ago and haven’t had a reply. In the meantime, I tried getting the gave to stick again but it came unstuck within a day.

I’ve picked this up and replied!


I’ve the same problem with my case… the front of the screen has become detached, too…

What can I do?



Hi Pimoroni,

Just wondered if you found a solution for standing up the Pi in the default way by any chance?

To avoid the power cable issues I was thinking of purchasing a right-angle adapter, so I just need a solution to swap the legs around. I’d be willing to purchase another set of those legs that fit the other way if you have them?