Scroll Bot display is upside down



I’ve assembled the scroll bot as per instructions on the page (and it even looks exactly like in the pictures now that I’m done with the assembly :-)

Ive’ attached the Pi Zero W as well. However, the display is upside down. I don’t see how I could have soldered anything or assembled anything differently to make the display appear with the correct orientation as this would make the cut out pieces not fit together properly.

I’ve tried to look at the documentation and tried both the
scrollbot.rotate = True
scrollbot.rotate = False
Both doesn’t change the rotation at all.

I’ve also tried
scrollbot.set_rotate(True) but this command fails completely.

Suggestions are most welcome as the thing is pretty useless as a self-standing “bot” right now with the display upside down.



Found the solution. Apparently the examples are not updated. For anyone else, the function to change rotation is



I think you might be confusing Scroll pHAT,

with Scroll pHAT HD:

Yes we totally brought this unto ourselves!


thanks for this Revald! is there any way to set this as the default orientation do you know?

Thanks in advance,


It’s rotate(angle), see: