Just 1 job to do grrr

I purchased a pi 4 and a hyperpixel 4 to make a hand held games machine. My issue is with the screen rotation. No matter how much I google I cannot find a solution. Running all the different emulators separately is also very difficult for me as I’m completely new to linux.
Retropie runs buster lite which I believe is the issue. How do I get this screen to rotate to landscape. Is there going to be a driver fix any time soon if it is even possible at all.

I’m in the same boat, did you find a way to get it rotated in RetroPie?

I think I’ve tried every tip in every thread I could and everything on GitHub.

It’s annoying as I think I’m just about ready to start designing a unit to print, but don’t see the point when I can’t get the damn thing out of portrait mode in RetroPie.