Just another Picade (to go) .. to keep you motivated!

In RETRO we trust…

In addition to all my latest high end (but not-RETRO-feeling) OSX (27" iMac), PC (17" gaming notebook), XU4 (TV) RETRO-GAMING system builds… I wanted to have the real feeling and decided for a handy tabletop machine aka

  • the new 2018 10-inch Picade Version
    and did some modifications like:
  • buttons replacement
  • self designed artwork
  • silver mouldings
  • LED light (marque and KITT) effects
  • Anker Powercore + 26,800 mAh “to go” powerbank solution
  • additional USB & Headphone plugs
  • individual video splashscreen

Thanks to Pimoroni and all forum contributors as this helped me a lot in understanding that machine and finishing the project!!

Hope this keeps all you folks motivated to continue providing or building RETRO-GAMING systems and supporting this forum!!

Feel free to share or ask any questions you may have. Keep going folks and never stop playing!!





very very nice. thanks for Sharing.

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Looks great. Where did you get the silver buttons from?

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Hi, very good job! So it is portable? Battery time? Can u show us more pics of the back please? Thx