Key combinations

Keybow received today, I want to use it with my Mac where I’m running Logic Pro X. Having to do multiple key presses sort of defeats the object since what I want is a number of keys set up to do regularly used strokes. So can anyone enlighten me as to how to get a Keybow press to emulate the cmd(option), ctrl and alt keys, singularly and in combination together and with an alpha-numeric ?


You certainly can do that!

There’s quite a bit of detail on it in this tutorial,, but here’s an example too.

function handle_key_00(pressed)
    if pressed then
        keybow.set_modifier(keybow.LEFT_META, keybow.KEY_DOWN)
        keybow.set_modifier(keybow.LEFT_CTRL, keybow.KEY_DOWN)
        keybow.set_modifier(keybow.LEFT_ALT, keybow.KEY_DOWN)
        keybow.tap_key("t", pressed)
        keybow.set_modifier(keybow.LEFT_META, keybow.KEY_UP)
        keybow.set_modifier(keybow.LEFT_CTRL, keybow.KEY_UP)
        keybow.set_modifier(keybow.LEFT_ALT, keybow.KEY_UP)

So that’s made up example of holding down command, control, and alt and then tapping t, and finally releasing command, control, and alt again. Hopefully that makes sense?

Thanks Sandy, that’s a great help :-)


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