Keybow key combinations with more than one key

I have a keybow, and I have it set up with some arrow keys, and then I was thinking of setting up another one of the keys as the meta key (I’m on a mac) so I could do meta+left/right to jump to the beginning or end of the line.

I can’t seem to get a key combination to happen with two key presses though.

To be clear, I don’t want to set ONE key to do meta+left. I want a meta key, and an arrow key as two separate keys, but the ability to press them at the same time.

I tried setting key 3 to do set key left_meta and keybow.key_down, but it doesn’t work in conjunction with another keypress on the keybow.

Is this a limitation of keybow, am I just missing something?

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I’m with the same need.
I want to have key-combinations on the Keybow to trigger different actions.
For example: keys 00 and 01 pressed together throws COMMAND-SHIFT-A in my attached Mac.

Love to know if you had a solution for this or if there is such limitation on the Keybow.




I tried a simplistic approach here and it worked just fine.

I associated my key 09 to work as a modifier and it works fine in conjunction with other keys on the Keybow.

The code is:

function handle_key_09(pressed)
    if pressed then
        keybow.set_modifier(keybow.LEFT_SHIFT, keybow.KEY_DOWN)
        keybow.set_modifier(keybow.LEFT_SHIFT, keybow.KEY_UP)    

In this case, the key 09 in the Keybow works as a LEFT SHIFT and when I use keybow.set_keyon the other keys, the value sent is “shifted”. For example, a becomes A.


Oh man, I am going to try this out tonight! I opted for creating layers, and hard coding the keys that i needed, but if your code works that will make it even more flexible.

If you’re interested in my layer code, it’s on github (