Keybow and Pirate Audio


I was thinking to a mean for my son to use spotify without the need of a screen. I was wondering whether pirate audio 3W Amp and keybow can be both mounted and working together on a raspberry Pi? From what I read they are both mounted directly of the 40 pins, so I am not that optimistics :D

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It’s my understanding that you would want to use the keybow on its own Pi. It emulates a USB keyboard. It’s Pi runs the keybow OS in gadget mode.
If you were to try to do it with the one Pi I would go with the phat Stack

That’s assuming there are no pin conflicts between the keybow and Pirate Audio pHat.
I see the Pirate Audio here, but no Keybow. Getting the software setup may be a PITA too.

What functionality are you looking for over the built in buttons?

Thanks @alphanumeric, this pHAT stack will do the trick, providing there is no pin conflict indeed. I’ll look about it, thank you also for the pinout link

My idea would be a box providing a raspberry Pi + pirate audio and speaker + the keybow as a numeric keypad to selected the number of the track to be played. Maybe a usb keypad…

Re reading your comment, I’m starting to understand it better. Yes I’l like to have a unique raspberry, running Node and a web server.

If you solder a female header on to the bottom side of a Pi Zero, same way you solder a header on a pHat, you can plug it in to the pHat Stack and not have to use the ribbon cable. Everything will work just like it was plugged in via the ribbon cable. You can’t ever plug a Hat in on top of the Pi the standard way. It’s basically dedicated to the pHat Stack.
I’ve done it on my mini black hacker boards, which are a smaller version of the pHat Stack. I used a 90 degree header so my Pi points up, It makes it easier to pug in the cables, but a normal female will work too. Just plug the Pi in at the end.

The Keybow, normally runs a custom Kebow OS. It could be very tricky trying to run the Keybow software and Pirate Audio software from the same Pi? Not something I would try with my skill level.

Yes, looking a bit further, it will be beyond my skill level. I have to do some more research I guess. Thanks for your reactivity.

You could set the Keybow us as its intended, as a custom USB keybord coded the way you want. And plug it into the Pirate Audio PI. It will show up to Raspbian as a USB connected keyboard.
The tricky part would be getting Aplay or Alsa to recognize / respond to the keyboard inputs.

Yes, this is the best way to go if I want to use a keybow, though I find it a bit of a waste to use two raspberry Pis when I’m sure one would be enough.

I was thinking of a node app to :

  • setup the “tracks library” of the “playlist” (but not in a spotify way) by choosing the tracks through spotify’s API and link them to a number
  • capture key pressed, convert to number and send the corresponding tracks to mopidy (though I for now have no idea to perform this, but I saw that mopidy as a javascript wrapper)

This is actually my first steps : setup up at least a prototype of the software part

I couldn’t find any info on whats on the keybow circuit board?
Other than the LED’s are APA102.
There is this though

Just looking at mounting these (mini Keybow of course) on HAT hacker together and looks like CS on GPIO 24 would conflict when trying to access SPI.