Keybow - IOT / LIFX

Noob here, been lurking for a while with a specific requirement and cant seem to find what I am looking for…

I want to create a control panel for switching / dimming my lights around the home.

must control LIFX (therefore WIFI) and ideally other IOT protocols (i.e. zigbee)
must be physical buttons
Not bothered about power consumption for this iteration - happy to recharge daily rather than wait for wifi to connect before command executes…

keybow / pi looks like a good platform for this but all references point to controlling PC functions, while I want to connect via wifi to an IOT service to control lights on LIFX

Can anyone help?

As far as I know, the keybow just shows up as a USB device. A keyboard. It just sends the code you set it up with over USB. I don’t have one myself, but I don’t think its going to do what you want, not by itself anyway.
You could link it to another Pi that sends your code over wifi when you press a key. The keybow would get its power from that other Pi…

I was wondering about this as well. The actual hardware is a Pi 0 WH, so it could be connected to wifi. You may have to change the OS as I don’t think the code it comes with has those drivers installed.

You could likely do it all from that one Pi. You’ll likely have your work cut out for you though. There is no pinout listed here for the KeyBow,
Google the IC’s on the board and you can likely figure out if they use i2c etc. Then look for another Pimoroni product with that same chip, if you get lucky you’ll find a usable installer and maybe some example code.