Keybow MINI Macros Not Working

Hey I have just built Keybow MINI and installed the os. It lights up and everything but I can’t get the macros to work. im on Mac btw

Any help is appreciated!

Is it recognised as a USB keyboard when you plug it in?

I’ve just got macros working (apart from the keyboard being US) so give some more details, what have you done what worked what didn’t, and I’ll try to help.

Search for my ‘keybow UK keycode keymap’ question. Does that sound similar to your problem? That is affecting my macros.

I just can’t get it to send an output.

You mean a text output? In my limited experience the macros are very sensitive about formatting etc and revert to default if it’s not right. There’s no feedback with the keybow, so I changed the button LED colours in my macro, so if it boots into my code, the LEDS will be different colour, and confirms my code has been loaded. Try that first of all, then try a VERY simple macro and add to it until something doesn’t load. That will tell you where you are going wrong.