Pimoroni Keybow #6 key not working

Hey, I got a pim a while back and i just tried to use it today and the #6 key on the default mapping is unresponsive. What should I do?

Keybow? Have a look at the back side to see if the switch is messed up somehow? I guess also look on the top side with the button off for anything that might have fallen in the hole. Packing material or any bits of plastic etc from manufacturing.

omg a typo, i’m so embarrassed don’t look

i’ll find a screwdriver and try all that

I make typo’s all the time lol. Post, read it one last time, edit, wash rinse and repeat
Autocorrect sticks it to me some times too. ;)

okay, so i dismantled it and swapped switches around and the 6 was still the issue. Afterwards, I plugged it in dismantled and assembled it while in that state. I actually got some 6s out of it when putting the switch in, but it’s not responsive like the other slots on the PCB, and sometimes I get multiple sixes. It requires a lot of pressure to actuate once the switch is in as well

so further info. If I apply pressure to the switch below the keycap (this is while the top plate is not installed) it works normally. What do?

How long have you had it? If its still in the return period you can go to the shop page and click the contact us link. Then e-mail Pimoroni about the issue. I’d put a link to this thread in the e-mail as they will likely want you to post here first etc. You already did that though.

i’ve had it since the end of may. I’m really bad about playing with my toys, I always put it off

You could contact them anyway, see what they say? I try to do a quick test on new stuff, so I don’t find an issue latter on and be stuck. Doesn’t always happen though. Thats the way things go some times.

I bought it through massdrop. Their customer support has been pretty rad in the past, so I think I’ll start there. Thank you for all your help so far.

From here? https://drop.com/buy/seeed-keybow-quiet-mini-mechanical-keyboard-kit#overview

Not sure why there’s no mention of Pimoroni?

Idk, it’s actually super strange. I think they put the wrong company, i also own some stuff by Seeed. Anyway, Drop said not my problem, you waited too long. Obviously, they were more generic and polite about it, i paraphrase.

Bummer =(
post must be 20 characters long filler ;)

It’s so hacky, but i can sling sixes like the best of them now :)

There’s some variation in the pcb for the six that’s making it extra finicky. That’s okay, my pim totem is complete, next time someone tries to incept me I’ll be ready.