Keybow - specifying "+" and "-" on the numpad

I’ve completed my Keybow build and after some tinkering I’ve got a good layout figured out. The video editing software that I use recognizes the plus/minus keys on the top of the keyboard, and the plus/minus keys on the number pad as distinct, different keys.

When using the following command in my layout file, it will type a “+” in a text editor, but the editing software doesn’t react as if I’ve hit the “+” on the numpad.

function handle_key_08(pressed)
keybow.set_key("+", pressed)

Are there “special key” tags for the plus and minus keys on the numpad? After going through the Pimoroni guide and some Googling I haven’t been able to find anything. I’m hoping there’s an equivalent to “keybow.LEFT_SHIFT”, or something like that.


Figured this out a little while back, but dropping the answer here in case someone else has the same issue some day down the line.

There should be a separate paragraph of entries for the numpad buttons in your keybow.lua file. The KPPLUS and KPMINUS commands were the ones I was looking for.

keybow.KPSLASH = 0x54
keybow.KPASTERISK = 0x55
keybow.KPMINUS = 0x56
keybow.KPPLUS = 0x57
keybow.KPENTER = 0x58
keybow.KP1 = 0x59
keybow.KP2 = 0x5a
keybow.KP3 = 0x5b
keybow.KP4 = 0x5c
keybow.KP5 = 0x5d
keybow.KP6 = 0x5e
keybow.KP7 = 0x5f
keybow.KP8 = 0x60
keybow.KP9 = 0x61
keybow.KP0 = 0x62
keybow.KPDOT = 0x63
keybow.KPEQUAL = 0x67


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