Kit ideas

Would it be possible to have when purchasing a guide through your site to build and add on to a project.

For instance, I have purchased a BMP280 and would like it to be a barometer and temperature sensor. Maybe a recommendation for battery housing, DC voltage, printed case, solar cell ETC that can make it into a working piece. It would give an idea on how it can be built, steps and maybe other ways of utilising the Pi and sensor so people buying can decide what items they have in one place. Or maybe have a kit form that can be ready to go.

It would be a good help to beginners and those who would like to study other connected ideas and use what they have now and make it better for them. Might save tearing hair out after realising you need other things to upgrade your project from the start.

Have a look see in the learn section for ideas ;)

I think this is a somewhat inevitable part of making things 😅 it’s always going to be more of a struggle than buying a barometer and thermometer yourself. And it’s important to understand that you are making something, it takes a longer than you expected, it will break, it is difficult to predict the costs (especially if it’s your first project).

With that said: it IS cheap! Although you may end up buying a small screen, a pico, and other parts, I’d say the amount of pleasure you get is well worth it.

If what you want is a thermometer/barometer, then you should get one on amazon. What you have bought is a project 🥰

Also, check this post Solar powered esp32

And this post: Pico with BME280 breakout (via Explorer Base and MicroPython) - #11 by dryfish

And do a little exploration. You’ll get it!

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