The Big List Of Pi Project Ideas

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Ideas aren’t always easy when you’re a newcomer to the Pi platform and don’t know what’s possible, feasible or cost effective. This resource aims to list as many sane project ideas, including tutorials to help you get started with them. Please drop your suggestions and links below for inclusion ;)

Track nearby planes with a DVB-T dongle

Monitor The Weather

Build A Robot!

Build An Arcade Cabinet or Custom Controller

Monitor Your Plants

Build A Raspberry Pi Internet Radio

Garage Door Opener

Pi Telescope

Retro Games Console

Build Your Own Voice Assistant/Google Home/Amazon Alexa

Your own point and shoot camera

Your own physical/digital game


Hi !
Very nice list !
If I can humbly propose

A Polaroid-like camera :

A photo-booth

Thanks and have a nice day !


A membership card payment system for your coffee table:
[Still in development, not for the faint of heart]

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Nature camera

I haven’t written mine up but I used the following

Plastic lunchbox
Clip on camera lens
Pi camera
PIR sensor
pi zero
Solar battery pack.
Blinkit / Piglow (so you can tell what state it’s in)

Basic code to start recording and set a countdown timer when PIR sensor is activated.

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Check out the PiGRRL projects:
Using a raspberry pi B+/2/3:PiGRRL 2
using a raspberry pi zero :PiGRRL Zero

I’ve done the “monitor the weather” with a twist. I used a Sense Hat to monitor the local weather in real time with its onboard sensors… I display the temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure in a scrolling message on its LED matrix. I set the color of the text based on the measured conditions. Blue text for temperature if below 0c for example. Red for pressure if its very low and a storm warning message. I also added a light sensor to calculate the UV index. It’s portable and headless. Pulling the info from the Internet just wasn’t going to work for me. The only downside is it won’t tell you its minus 5 outside when its sitting on a table in your house. ;) Humidity may be off too. I built it for use in a dog park to keep track of how hot it is so the dogs don’t get heat stroke etc. It’s an open field. It’s also nice to know how cold it is this time of year.

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This one from ticket printer, which use OpenCV and detect faces.