Indoor Station - First project - question


Hi all - this will be first foray into anything involving Pi. I’m quite comfortable with Linux, computers, networking, etc.

What I’m wanting to do is build a small monitoring station based on the Pi0w, BME680, and the micro dot pHAT - i just love the retro look! I’d like to deploy these at various locations in a couple of buildings on my property - i have plenty of WiFi and power available so that won’t be an issue.

My initial question, which I realize is probably quite basic - but, how do I utilize both the micro dot and the BME680 on a Pi 0w? It looks like the display would take up the space if I stack things - which I’d like as I like the form factor of the display and the 0.

This is so obvious I must be missing it - but, i just haven’t been able to get myself to understand how i connect both the sensor and the display…I know its possible - and the answer is probably so simple I’ll laugh at myself! :)

Ideally, whatever solution exists for this setup will allow me to put it in some type of case or housing that looks halfway decent - i don’t mind (and expect) that the 680 may very well stick out of the case, but, it’d sure be nice to be able to put all this in some halfway decent box/case, etc. that I can sit on a desk, hang on the wall, etc.

Phase 2 of this project will be to feed the data from these sensors to a collection point using something like Weather Display or to something on my network running the appropriate web server/software, etc.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Thank you!


not 100% sure this will work for you ,but i use them to use multiple devices

or this one ,but it for more than 2 addons


Given that the BME680 can be affected by heat from the Pi’s CPU, if placed within the same case, it would be best if it, ideally, is placed outside the case and perhaps extended a few cm away so it measures ambient conditions as expected.


thank you both for the quick responses…

ok - i thought the mini black hat might be exactly what i might need - i just wasn’t quite sure of its function.
would the pico be an option too?

i had thought about contamination from the CPU heat - i have considered mounting the 680 outside the case - absolutely - that’s a good point.


Instead of the Pico Hat hacker, try a Proto Zero

I’ve used them in a few of my projects. You solder a stacking header on it instead of the female one.
You end up with female on the bottom and male on top. That lets you stack it between your Pi Zero and your display. Then solder on say a male 90 degree header and wire that up to i2c etc on the Proto zero. The pins you need for the proto zero. Then just use female to female jumpers to connect the BME680 to the Proto Zero. Something like this.

Or like this Its a Proto Hat but same idea, Thats a BME680 on the right.