LCD Screen with Mouse and Keyboard

Hi, I am new to the Raspberry Pi and planning a build post supply from Santa. I intend using a Starter kit and LCD display.

I have a an early question - can I still use the mouse and keyboard on the LCD screen setup? I note there is an option for an onscreen keyboard and assume this is in addition.


Hey! Absolutely! The onscreen keyboard is completely optional. In fact, you’d have to install one to use it. I almost always use a proper keyboard and mouse and only really use the touchscreen for quick taps when I want to change window or shutdown or something.

Thanks, that answers the question. I assume you mean a keyboard is required at startup to setup screen (180 screen turn etc) and other start-up parameters?

I guess I will see at Christmas (assuming Santa does not go on strike too!).

I may be back with more questions.

no, you can setup a Pi without a keyboard, over ssh for example, if you want to. You can also rotate the screen just after you flashed the SD (or more generally by editing /boot/config.txt) from another computer.

What @sandyjmacdonald meant is that if you wanted to use a virtual keyboard solution, you’d have to install one from the repository (of Raspbian software), such as florence… at least I don’t think there are any installed by default.

To be honest, these virtual on-screen keyboards are far from adequate IMHO for day-to-day use so while it’s possible to use a Pi without keyboard via touchscreen, in practice this approach is only suitable for certain types of applications (Kodi kiosk for example).

Thanks both for the help. Enjoy Christmas and Happy New Year to you!