New to raspberry pi and picade

Ive never used a raspberry pi before and I’m planning on getting a Picade to build, however I’ve got a few questions
so once its built and I’ve installed the software on the sd card when i switch it on will it work straight the way or do i have to do anything? how do you alter this without a keyboard?

Looks like you’ll need to change a couple of settings upon boot (see for reference) and according to that article you’ll need a separate HDMI screen or TV to do that on. You would also need a USB keyboard for this (and to change most other settings).

If my memory serves me correctly though, it’s possible to edit this file by plugging the SD card into a computer and just editing the text file in notepad/textedit/leafpad or whatever your choice of editor is.

I’m really not sure what you are asking for… The Picade and the Raspberry Pi are two different things, but can work together. Once you have the hardware (Picade) built and the Raspberry Pi (additional hardware) installed in the Picade, you need to configure the software on the Raspberry Pi. This is usually RetroPi, but not required to be. You may need a keyboard to configure some items, but for the most part, you can do what you need to do over the WAN or by hooking the MicroSD card directly to a PC.

It seems as though you are asking questions without having gotten to the steps where questions are required though.

It’s worth mentioning that if you build the picade, you will need to find and load game ROMs in order to actually play any games.