Configure picade console

Hi, I bought a picade 8 inch arcade - I have used an sd card with noobs to install os. I am really stuck on how to configure the console- joystick and buttons- I’ve followed your online tutorials but my software seems to be different . Thanks

Have a look see at this,
Picade Software Setup - Pimoroni Yarr-niversity

My personal recommendation is to ditch NOOBS and go with straight PiOS.
Raspberry Pi OS – Raspberry Pi
I’d go with the middle image that has the desktop GUI but not all the extra recommended software that your almost certainly not going to use on a Picade setup.

Thanks- is there a way that I can configure the console from where I am-? I’m not great at things like this.

Follow the tutorial I linked too, install retropi etc and see how it goes.

The Raspberry Pi imager will image your card “for you”. Then you just plug it in your Pi and boot up to the quick setup menu.

I thought that buying the sd card with noobs would save me the hassle of trying to download and image the software. I have an old version of Mac which doesn’t allow me to change the .gz to .img ive tried other laptops as well. I’ve connected the picade to the internet but the only thing I can’t do is configure the console. What’s the point of the noobs sd card?

Noobs is for general purpose Pi usage, but the Picade is obviously in a much more specific role. Hence it has its own gaming platform - RetroPi. It’s free, and you should be able to extract the GZ files as well, with a package like Keka - Keka - the macOS file archiver

Is there a way of buying the sd card which has the retropie os pre downloaded onto it

The Pi Foundation imager will do that for you. The V1.5 imager has an emulation and game OS option. In there you will find a RetroPie option.
Raspberry Pi OS – Raspberry Pi

I finally managed to flash retropie os onto an sd card but now it won’t accept the command line curl | bash

WIFI turned on and connected?

Yes now managed to connect to WiFi. This isn’t shown in any of the tutorials (not for me anyway) had to put in a command sudo raspi-config

It’s mentioned here, It should also be on the shop page for the PicadeX Hat, but isn’t though.
Getting Started with Picade HAT - Pimoroni Yarr-niversity
Because we need an internet connection to install the Picade HAT software, we’ll need to connect to your WiFi network. Start up Retropie and select “WIFI” in the Retropie menu, and then follow the instructions to connect to your WiFi network.

I’ve connected to the WiFi and joystick and buttons work with the sd card that I installed with the retropie os. I’ve now swapped the sd card with another card I bought from arcadebartop with about 2000 pre installed games on it- when I go to use the console the picade doesn’t recognise it and wants me to configure all over again? Why won’t this card work?

The setup etc that you did is on the RetroPi SD Card. Nothing is stored on the Pi or X Hat, its all on the SD card. Swap cards and you have to set it up for the new SD Card / OS