Software to use for picade

What it is we have built out picade joystick controller unit and have it attached to a pi3 but we can’t get it to load or even understand how to program the sd card so it will run we didn’t buy a preloaded sd card and we have an autistic child who loves and can’t do without playing games and wondered if anyone can help or send us a preloaded sd card and we would send them our class 10 16gb sd card that needs formating and reprogramming so that the unit will run and function

maybe this will help if you want retropie which is for picade

and this

if you want the normal raspberry pi operating system

the top one is for games

bottom one is for the coding and normal pi stuff!

Which software program would be the better one to use out of the two programs so the picade works best and will respond to the games we end up downloading

retropie as that is what your meant to use for picade and is built for games

You really should download the newest image of retropie. Below are the links.

You need Win32 Disk Imager to put the RetroPie OS on the card.

Depending what Pi you get you can download the RetroPie image from here to install with Win32 Disk Imager on the micro sd card.

Good guides to install and configure

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