Software for the Picade - what are you using?

My original Picade maxi is using the PiPlay distro

Problem is, it doesn’t play nicely with the pi2. So - what have other people got up and running?

I’ve got a picade mini console, the original maxi and a mini just arrived. Realistically I’m wanting to run Rpi2’s in each of them. I’m going to have a proper dig around the OS and associated config files later on for piplay but I might end up rolling my own setup out manually from scratch if I can’t find what I’m after.

There was also a hint of something software wise coming from pimoroni this weekend in the kickstarter update so I’m waiting on news for that.

Just seen there’s some recommendations on using retropie - will have a look at that this evening too.

Especially since it has different SD images for Rpi1/2

Definitely have a look at RetroPi.
I used Piplay with the Kickstarter Picade but have used RetroPi almost exclusively with this retail version.
The button simple button mapping when you install is invaluable.
Also it boasts a whole load of other features!
If you’re rocking a Pi 2, I was getting perfect performance all the way up to N64 then it lowered the FPS and was less playable.

I am one of the main developers of RetroPie and an owner of a Picade. My opinion is definitely biased, but RetroPie works very well on the picade (Make sure you get the latest 3.0rc1 release).

The controller configuration works out of the box on the Picade, and sets up retroarch controls automatically, including hotkeys.

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I’ve been using PiPlay for a while with an xbox360 controller so was already familiar with its OS/Dashboard.

I tried RetroPie briefly on a spare SDcard but the button config kept tripping me up, and I couldn’t connect to my WIFI so went back to PiPlay.

If anyone is using PiPlay you can easily setup the buttons on the Picade within mame4all by pressing tab while in game.

I also decided to use my old P1 model B+ inside the Picade instead of the P2 as the games I wanted ran fine on it.