Raspberry Pi 3 in Picade

Kind of surprised that I haven’t seen anyone ask this yet, but any issues with putting a rpi 3 in either the regular picade or the picade console?

I’ve heard that the rpi 3 runs hotter, so I’m guessing the only concern might be cooling inside the case.

Anyway, anyone try it yet?

Build my Picade console with a rpi 3 at first setup (same order so…). Was running smooth, but only with Retropie 3.6. But haven’t investigate that much. Check the 2 players topic I created to understand :)

Pi 3 is backwards compatible. I wouldn’t imagine there would be any issues dropping one in the picade in direct replacement of a 2.

I replaced my Pi2 with a Pi3 and noticed a consistent hissing while the Retropie Gui is running.
Once I exit out to the command line this disappears. My Pi2 did not do this.

A basic swap should be fine, however you might need to change power supply too and update software to take advantage of the onboard wi fi / bluetooth (for say connecting ps3 controller / keyboard etc)

I realised that I had only ever done basic update of retropie from version 2 to 3 which didn’t include a distribution update to Jessie. The pi3 builtin wifi/bluetooth firmware support i believe is only available in the newer distribution of raspian so I needed to do a new clean retropie install, which has been a bit of a pain remapping keys and setting up the right versions of emulators that work with my roms (i tried a distrubution update which took forever and in the end didn’t turn out too well - too many problems).

I’ve had a few network drop outs but I think might be due to not enough power as I haven’t change the power adapter yet. Other than that all ok, I can definitely see a performance improvement in for example some of the N64 games.

Retropie 3.6 recognizes everything on the Pi3, including WiFi & Bluetooth.

Pi3 has the same power requirements so it was a direct drop-in for the Pi2.

It works great with the PiCade.

My issue with hiss was easily corrected via the audio dithering option.

yeah I thought the Pi3 had potentially higher power requirements and if we were stressing the machine, as some emulators might that the 2.5v supply would be called for.

My biggest question was about the pi3 getting considerably hotter and the relative lack of space of the picade for air flow – but it sounds like people aren’t having issues, even without heatsinks, etc?

No issues for me.

I had my Pi2 mounted in a Pimoroni clear case and that affixed to the back of the PiCade.

The Pi2 did get hot with overclocking turned on so I added a heat sink to help.

With the Pi3 there is no overlocking nor need for the heat sink. It remains relatively cool even buried within the clear case.

I strongly recommend a heatsink for the Pi3!

I agree… Pi3 needs a heat sink. I overlooked mime so I for sure needed a Heatsink.


Mine is fine without one in the Picade but then I guess it depends what games you are playing.