Need Help with Pimoroni Picade Cabinet Kit - PIM105

Hi All,

I got Pimoroni Picade Cabinet Kit - PIM105 for my 10-year-old the hardware build is complete. I am having problems with software. I have installed the RetroPie on SD Card. Console boot up but all the buttons are no configured properly. Sorry to be a dummy here but I have never used Linux before. Is there any place I can buy an SD Card which has an operating system installed with ROMS ready to use or if anyone offers this service I am ready to pay for your time and SD Card. Again sorry for asking but I have to spend enough time on this software but it is not working for me.

Thanks in Adavnce.



You can get the image less roms from the retropie website.

As providing roms breaks copyrights you will need to find those yourself. Thirty seconds with google will get you what you require.



As mentioned above, it would be very naughty to post direct links to roms on here but if you were to, for example, google retropie roms the first link would get you to the official documentation about how to transfer the roms onto retropie. Also if you look at the search results you will find other information on how to use said roms with retropie.

As for your problems with the controller have you had a look at the controller setup section. If the controller still fails to configure properly then double check your wiring.